• Hitting the ground running
    Hitting the ground running

    Wednesday 16th January 2019

    Planning your marketing year ahead

    After all the preparations before Christmas it goes by in a blur and we arrive in January and life seems...

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  • O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree
    O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree

    Monday 14th January 2019

    Chorus, STSA and NML SCITT Christmas tree illustrations

    Chorus Education Trust* sent Christmas Greetings via an illustration of a Christmas tree in a branded pot. It was liked...

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  • Experimenting with illustration
    Experimenting with illustration

    Thursday 10th January 2019

    Screen printing at West Yorkshire Print Workshop

    Every year I'm commissioned to illustrate a Christmas card. The theme that has run throughout each year has been nature,...

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  • The power of Christmas marketing
    The power of Christmas marketing

    Wednesday 2nd January 2019

    Increasing sales with email and social media marketing campaigns

    As consumers, we all groan when we start to see Christmas decorations going up on the high street in October....

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  • Youth appeal
    Youth appeal

    Wednesday 21st November 2018

    Silverdale Sixth Form prospectus 2019

    The Silverdale Sixth Form* Prospectus 2019 has been sent out to prospective students and their parents.
    Based on the 2018...

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  • Back to school!
    Back to school!

    Thursday 27th September 2018

    Silverdale School, Silverdale Sixth Form and Westfield School photoshoots

    It was another productive shoot with photographer Fergus Burnett as we returned back to school this September for a day...

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  • New senior teaching team turns over a new leaf
    New senior teaching team turns over a new leaf

    Tuesday 15th May 2018

    Westfield School - logo and branding

    A new senior teaching team have been put in place at Westfield School* and are working in partnership with Chorus...

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  • Designing a winning manifesto
    Designing a winning manifesto

    Thursday 10th May 2018

    Sheffield City Region Mayor

    A 32pp policy document was sent out across the Sheffield City region for Dan Jarvis* as the Labour Party Candidate...

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  • Hanging out with the kids
    Hanging out with the kids

    Tuesday 31st October 2017

    Malinbridge Primary School and Westfield School photoshoots

    The Chorus team and I had a brilliant and productive two day photoshoot with photographer Fergus Burnett at Malinbridge Primary...

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  • Logo evolution and brand refresh
    Logo evolution and brand refresh

    Monday 9th October 2017

    Silverdale School - logo development and rebrand

    To work with the Chorus Education Trust brand, the Siverdale School* logo has now been evolved and the branding developed...

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  • Communicating to prospective students
    Communicating to prospective students

    Monday 2nd October 2017

    Silverdale Sixth Form prospectus 2018

    The 44 page Silverdale Sixth Form* Prospectus 2018 has been printed digitally and sent out as a downloadable pdf to...

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  • A new brand for a new trust
    A new brand for a new trust

    Monday 18th September 2017

    Chorus Education Trust - logo, branding and print and digital communications

    Chorus Education Trust is a brand new education trust giving schools a say in how to develop and commit to...

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  • Refreshed and revitalised design
    Refreshed and revitalised design

    Monday 7th August 2017

    Pretty Athletic - logo, branding and packaging

    I first met Pretty Athletic Founder, Leyla Cooper in 2013. Her start-up story is described in our News post Faster,...

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  • Visual communication to prospective students
    Visual communication to prospective students

    Monday 17th July 2017

    Silverdale Sixth Form photoshoot

    It was a great shoot the other day at Silverdale Sixth Form* with photographer Fergus Burnett, the Chorus team and...

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  • Up, up and away
    Up, up and away

    Tuesday 6th June 2017

    Silversky Media - logo and branding

    The Silversky Media logo and brand has now been launched for this aerial video and photography start-up business.
    The word...

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  • New product launch with bespoke website and online shop
    New product launch with bespoke website and online shop

    Wednesday 1st March 2017

    Frances Prescott - Tri-Balm - natural skincare

    For the launch of Tri-Balm*, a new skincare product, we designed and built a bespoke, responsive website with online shop...

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  • A Real Clear website
    A Real Clear website

    Wednesday 17th August 2016

    Real Clear - coaching, training and advice

    The Real Clear logo, brand and website has now been launched.
    To reflect the company's approach a clear, no nonsense...

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  • Showcasing extraordinary spaces
    Showcasing extraordinary spaces

    Monday 18th April 2016

    Istana Interior Design - branding, website and marketing brochure

    The Istana Interior Design* website and downloadable marketing brochure has been launched.
    With the existing logo the brand was created...

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  • Technology revolution
    Technology revolution

    Wednesday 23rd March 2016

    Employee Republic - logo, branding and corporate communications

    It’s got to be said… Rob Liddiard is one of the most enthusiastic and likeable people I’ve ever met. So...

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  • Photographing designed spaces
    Photographing designed spaces

    Monday 15th February 2016

    Istana Interior Design photoshoot

    Photographer, Fergus Burnett and I had a very busy day at two locations in London shooting for Istana Interior Design*.

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  • Natural organic design
    Natural organic design

    Tuesday 8th September 2015

    De Mamiel - natural, organic skincare

    The de Mamiel* skincare range has been relaunched with an evolved and improved logo and new packaging.
    The logo was...

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  • Branding personality
    Branding personality

    Monday 18th May 2015

    Emma Nutrition - logo, branding and website

    A lot of our recent work has been to design logos and develop branding for start-up and fledgling businesses. We...

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  • Standing out in a competitive market
    Standing out in a competitive market

    Monday 9th June 2014

    Carolon Capital - logo, branding and website

    If you want your business to make the right impression, you have to present it properly. The multi-national companies that...

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  • Faster, Higher, Stronger
    Faster, Higher, Stronger

    Monday 7th April 2014

    Pretty Athletic - logo, branding and packaging

    From my years of gym membership, competing in fencing, racing in running, cycling and triathlon, I’ve always enjoyed the benefits...

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  • Appreneurs create the App Cellar
    Appreneurs create the App Cellar

    Friday 7th June 2013

    The App Cellar - logo, branding and website

    With a fair few companies under their belt, energetic entrepreneurs Sam and Antony Green decided to go digital in their...

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