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Visual communication to prospective students

Silverdale Sixth Form photoshoot

By Rachel 17th July 2017

It was a great shoot the other day at Silverdale Sixth Form* with photographer Fergus Burnett, the Chorus team and the sixth form students.

While the design of the 2018 prospectus is underway good communicative photography is needed to get across to prospective students and parents what the school and courses are all about. Sixth Form schools and colleges are competing harder than ever before to attract GCSE students. Print and digital communications are employed to get across their message and good photography plays an incredibly important part.

Photography was art directed on site to show the vibrancy of the sixth form and cover all areas, from the courses on offer to facilities and student life. Strong, colourful active shots reflect the activity and vibrancy within the school. Focussing on the small details of every day sixth form life to wider views of learning spaces and general architecture.

The resulting shots are really strong and cover every apsect of the sixth form to visually communicate key messages and courses. These images are a crucial part of the brand with lots of shots to be used throughout the print and digital communications and website.

Several hundred shots were taken on the day, some of which are shown here.

See more about our work with Silverdale Sixth Form.

*Part of Silverdale School in Sheffield, Silverdale Sixth Form provides a welcoming, aspirational environment where students can flourish and achieve their best.