Lindyandbea portraits

About the artists

Linda Keelan
Linda graduated in 1987 as a Textile Designer from the University of Huddersfield and spent the early part of her career working for Armitage & Rhodes specialising in woven furnishing fabrics. Linda went on to set up Baker & Keelan designing woven furnishing fabrics for Jacquard Weaving.

Linda explores different art media such as sketching, painting and pottery and keeps up-to-date in weaving with her range 
of mohair scarves. Her love for designing and experimenting has brought her to apply her signature style using the technical screen printing process.

Rachel Jarvis
Rachel graduated in 1992 as a Graphic Designer from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. She set out in her career as an illustrator, notably creating eye-catching sales merchandise for Amnesty International. Her commercial career progressed in design, advertising and marketing in Sweden and then London. In 2011 she started her own company, RLB Design, which specialises in branding, print and digital communications, and web design.

Rachel loves the creative process of design and the craft in its execution. Going back to illustrating and screen printing has brought her full circle creatively.

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