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Logo evolution and brand refresh

Silverdale School - logo development and rebrand

By Rachel 9th October 2017

To work with the Chorus Education Trust brand, the Siverdale School* logo has now been evolved and the branding developed using new colours and typeface.

Using the established three figures in a circle icon, the colours were updated and adjusted to incorporate the Chorus dark blue. The typeface was changed to reflect the Chorus logo. Brand guidelines have been created to assist designers and school staff.

Photography was art directed on site to capture the staff, students and environment. Strong, colourful active shots reflect the activity and vibrancy within the school. These images are a crucial part of the brand with lots of shots to be used throughout future print and digital communications and website.

A Y6 open evening brochure, Associate Teachers' handbook and mentor handbook have already been designed and printed within the new brand guidelines.

See more about our work with Silverdale School here.

*Silverdale is a comprehensive school, sixth form and teaching school in the south-west of Sheffield. It is a friendly, inclusive community with a track record of outstanding results at all stages.