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Emma Nutrition - logo, branding and website

By Rachel 18th May 2015

A lot of our recent work has been to design logos and develop branding for start-up and fledgling businesses. We help our clients present themselves well, communicate what they do, how they do it and, most importantly, keep it all within a reasonable budget. We have to admit we love starting from scratch – working closely with our clients, getting the feel of the project and creating something original. Striving to establish strong, brand personalities that can be promoted and marketed to drive businesses and acquire a loyal following.

A number of our clients are individuals with a certain area of expertise, often with many years experience, who are striking out by themselves. They are not working for big businesses that need an efficient, corporate look. They are individuals who need to feel comfortable with how they are presented as a brand.

One such client is Emma White-Boycott. Emma is a nutritional therapist, health blogger, speaker and advocate for good food and quality nutritional supplements. Having created her own website and blog for a number of years, sharing expertise and recipes and offering packaged and private consultations, her name and reputation was already established. Emma had arrived at a point where she needed to evolve her business by packaging her expertise into three clearly branded areas which she could sell in three ways - ebooks, ecourses and one-to-one consultations. The question was “how do we organise the information, and brand each area of expertise and each purchasable product?”. This is where RLB Design helped to clarify the offering with a new logo, brand and website.

The look and feel was incredibly important to get right. It is Emma’s expertise and enthusiasm that makes Emma Nutrition and therefore is personal to her. It was important to listen to what Emma wanted and talk through how we could design a logo and brand to suit.

An umbrella brand for Emma Nutrition was created that represented her and her extensive knowledge. We then developed logos for the three areas of expertise (sub brands). These are part of the family but also can stand alone. The three areas that needed to be clearly defined with their own logo, colourway and images were:
· Fit Mama - women’s post natal health
· Love Your Gut - digestive health
· Femme Plan - performance nutrition for sport

These three branded areas could be introduced and the purchase products - ebooks, ecourses and one-to-one consultations - could be marketed, creating different income streams for Emma.

Emma’s work is about food, nourishment and health which includes researching and creating recipes, cooking and baking from scratch with good quality, non-processed ingredients. Working with Emma and her request for a vintage feel we designed a logo that has a crafted, homemade look. Colours are soft and enticing, reminiscent of a 1950’s kitchen. We used a family of distressed, vintage fonts that range from serif, sans serif to script which look hand drawn and decorative. Well chosen stock photography focusing on healthy food and drinks, healthy mothers and women in sport work together with appropriate messages which communicate quickly and clearly their purpose. All in all this website needed to communicate well, look delicious and be good enough to eat!

The website was built to be accessible for Emma to add and edit recipes and blog posts. It has been created to be easy to manage and maintain as Emma goes forward with her business. Based on the new branding an email newsletter is being designed so Emma can communicate directly with her current and future followers.

We are loving the look and feel of the website and easy way to navigate through, the recipe page looks really good especially the Healthy Chocolate Brownies!

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