• Pretty Athletic logo and geometric layered graphic Pretty Athletic logo and geometric layered graphic
  • Hydration Kick and Cool Down Hydration Kick and Cool Down
  • Work Out Glow non-aerosol pump and carton Work Out Glow non-aerosol pump and carton
  • Hydration Kick, Work Out Glow and Cool Down Hydration Kick, Work Out Glow and Cool Down
  • Hydration Kick and Instant Refresh Hydration Kick and Instant Refresh

Refreshed and revitalised design

Pretty Athletic - logo, branding and packaging

By Rachel 7th August 2017

I first met Pretty Athletic Founder, Leyla Cooper in 2013. Her start-up story is described in our News post Faster, Higher, Stronger, 07/04/14. Pretty Athletic is an innovative range of high performance sports skincare products for active women. Designed to help skin recover after exercise, leaving it looking and feeling radiant.

I designed the logo and brand for this skincare range for its launch in 2014. By 2017 the successful growth in sales of the products online meant that Leyla could approach high street retailers to see if she could persuade their buyers to sell in-store. The reaction to the brand was positive and constructive feedback was that the branding and packaging needed to have more shelf presence to sit side by side with other competing brands.

Taking the advice onboard, we were approached by Leyla to re-design the range and include additional products that she had developed.

The logo and brand was designed to appeal to an otherwise forgotten market - active, sporty women. The logo and packaging needed to look sporty, feminine, youthful and natural. A strong design which would compete and stand out on the shelves in a competitive skincare market.

Pretty Athletic products are made with natural and organic ingredients, so without being too 'girly' we needed to get across ‘good stuff’ with ‘performance’. A simple, striking logo was designed with a dynamic, layered graphic employing strong colours for five products and a mini starter kit. The geometry was challenging to make work on the different sized cartons and vessels. Adjustments were made to allow the look and feel to translate across the whole range.

The box cartons were litho printed in special colours with silver foil and gloss laminated. To be cost effective the components were digitally printed with metallic silver on gloss film and applied.

The design worked across non-aerosol pumps, bottles, sachets and the cartons. The range is sleek and portable with cartons which are bright and easy to identify on the shelf.

Like the feeling you get from using the products, the brand is refreshed and revitalised and can now be found in the high street health food store Holland & Barrett!

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