News - October 2017

  • Hanging out with the kids
    Hanging out with the kids

    Tuesday 31st October 2017

    Malinbridge Primary School and Westfield School photoshoots

    The Chorus team and I had a brilliant and productive two day photoshoot with photographer Fergus Burnett at Malinbridge Primary...

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  • Logo evolution and brand refresh
    Logo evolution and brand refresh

    Monday 9th October 2017

    Silverdale School - logo development and rebrand

    To work with the Chorus Education Trust brand, the Siverdale School* logo has now been evolved and the branding developed...

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  • Communicating to prospective students
    Communicating to prospective students

    Monday 2nd October 2017

    Silverdale Sixth Form prospectus 2018

    The 44 page Silverdale Sixth Form* Prospectus 2018 has been printed digitally and sent out as a downloadable pdf to...

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