The power of Christmas marketing

Increasing sales with email and social media marketing campaigns

By Rachel 2nd January 2019

As consumers, we all groan when we start to see Christmas decorations going up on the high street in October. But spare a thought for retailers and their increasingly difficult battle to attract consumers to buy in a market that has endless choice.

At Christmas time not only are retailers competing with each other but product types are too. For example in the case of a skincare product it would not only be competing with other skincare products but anything else within a similar price range that would be suitable as a gift. People do start to buy early because of their time available to shop but also understandably, and more importantly, to spread the cost of buying over a number of months before Christmas.

One of our most successful campaigns was for a luxury skincare product, which launched in mid-October.

Using their GDPR compliant database of online buyers, and those registered to the newsletter, branded emails via Mailchimp were sent out every Friday lunchtime until Christmas. A discount code of 10% was given over the whole period and the first few weeks included free postage. Images were changed and messages adjusted slightly so not to repeat too much. During December, national and international last postage dates were highlighted.

The same weekly images and messages were posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to encourage more potential buyers to the site. This in turn increased the size of the database.

The campaign was a huge success, reaching early bird, prime and last-minute buyers. Sales increased enormously compared to the same months without running a Christmas marketing campaign.

During October with two weeks of marketing, sales increased by a remarkable 185%, November increased by an eye-watering 491% - clearly a prime buying period – and December, with just over 3 weeks to buy, increased by 138%. The excess of the total achievement in the three month period was 236% - three times greater than the same period without marketing. It goes to show that by nurturing your database and communicating well with strong, integrated marketing campaigns, an increase in sales can be achieved even in a crowded Christmas market place.

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