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Actors One Agency and Faces One Agency

Barcelona based actors and modelling agencies

Based in Barcelona, Actors One Agency represents Spanish speaking actors with the main focus on film, television and theatre industries.

Giovanni Smets started the company with the aim to grow artist representation while establishing contacts with international clients. The popularity of Spanish speaking actors has increased due to the growth in the film industry in Latin America. The aim is to become the leading theatrical talent agency in Barcelona, with its clients working and becoming renown internationally.

With the success of Actors One Agency, Giovanni started the modelling agency Faces One Agency.

Design a logo and brand that was European and modern, that would communicate well in Europe as well as in North and South America.

Seen on black the typeface is wide, open, slim and elegant in bright lemon yellow. Set stacked and constructed around the forms of each letter the Actors One Agency logo looks good large on screen with the intention to have impact on the website.

Faces One Agency is a variation on the theme, set in bright pink on black.

Logo, brand identity, stationery.

See the Actors One Agency website here.