James's Story

Cardinal Hume Centre – Lent Donation Appeal Animation

The Cardinal Hume Centre gives homeless young people, families in need and individuals living in poverty the support they need to realise their full potential. The charity focusses on four areas: income, housing, education and skills, and legal status.

Create an engaging 30 second, animated video to highlight the Cardinal Hume Centre's work including a call to action to donate. To be launched and work with the Lent Donation Appeal mailing.

Cardinal Hume Centre needs to engage with followers and appeal for donations by explaining what they do. Telling client's stories is very important but cannot be done by identifying individuals. To generically and abstractly represent a client's experiences, a hand drawn animated illustration was the best solution.

James's Story opens with a scratchy scribble, representing anger, frustration and anxiety. A figure with bowed head emerges under a dark cloud. The figure's head gradually raises while the cloud lifts and disappears. The animation finishes with the figure standing with head held high. Accompanying the animation is an audio voice over and text explaining James's experiences, his struggles and how Cardinal Hume Centre helped and supported him. The logo in purple (the colour for Lent) and a call to action ends the video.

It was created to fit the Cardinal Hume Centre website and other social media platforms.

See the animated video here

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