Anstey Burnett

Graduating from the School of English at Leeds University, Anstey immediately headed to the capital to take up a career in publishing. Within two years of perfecting others’ copy, Anstey was appointed as Writer and Editor for a national charity. Here she penned a vast range of print and digital content including marketing materials, policy reviews, annual reports, editorials and web copy.

Climbing the career ladder, Anstey gained a deep understanding of the corporate world, enabling her to develop and deliver strategic communications for a range of high profile organisations. With creative flair and a keen eye for detail, she continues to craft copy to give companies a credible and distinctive voice among the competition.

When she’s not tapping away on her laptop, you’ll probably find Anstey outside, either running through the countryside, working at her local stables or trying to keep up with her two active boys. She claims that the best place for blue-sky thinking is the great outdoors. Who are we to disagree?