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Orico London

Pure, organic skincare

Orico London is a pure, organic skin care range. Certified organic and formulated specifically for busy city lives. It utilises natural, powerful ingredients which have been clinically proven and certified. Orico London is a firm favourite with the Beauty Press and a multi-award winning product range; Winner of Earth Day Beauty 2015, Winner of the Beauty Short List awards 2015.

Design a logo and brand guidelines to be adaptable for the whole range and to enhance and show the unique properties of the products. Designing the initial range of products keeping in mind that the range would develop and grow, including boxes, bags, gifting and a website template. To meet all legal packaging requirements.

Designed with a clean fresh and contemporary look, contrasting colours and typography give this organic range a modern twist. The brand is fresh and vibrant whilst emphasising the unique effectiveness of each specialist skincare area. The initial designs were handed over and used for the range to develop and grow.

Logo, brand identity, brand packaging