Alison Oakley

Alison is a creative all rounder with a passion for all things design. She has worked in a broad range of design disciplines in London agencies and in the charity sector. Her portfolio includes diverse projects such as annual reports, ad campaigns, magazines, brochures, web design and build, EDM campaigns, infographics and Illustration.

Currently Alison focuses on responsive websites. She feels that UX is the new challenge in digital design and believes that good design and functionality need to work together intelligently. With thorough planning her aim is to help clients understand the process and realise what they need to achieve their goals.

Alison is just as happy with a pencil sketching out designs as getting stuck in to some css or javascript. ‘Variety is the spice of life!’ is her motto.

Alison met Rachel while working at an integrated digital design & marketing agency in London. Recently their different skillsets have brought them together again, making a great creative combination.

Alison loves experiencing and visiting great modern architecture and lives in Kent‘s 20th Century Modern Village.